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Why you need Property Tax Protection™

  • Property Tax Evaluation

    A full property tax evaluation and analysis (a $250 value) anytime your situation changes.

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  • Tax Roll Monitoring

    Ongoing monitoring of your property's tax valuations to see if they need to be challenged.

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  • Urgent Tax Alerts

    If we detect that your Homestead has been dropped or reduced, if your Portability is out of range, or if your Assessed Tax Value has increased more than that the homestead limit (all this happens to thousands of Florida homeowners every year!)

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  • Important Updates

    Informative emails regarding important tax updates throughout the year.

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  • Expert Help & Support

    Get assistance over the phone from our property tax team for all your questions and needs.

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2/3 of Florida homeowners are overpaying

The reality is that most Floridians are currently overpaying or are on a trajectory to overpay in the future, often due to a lack of awareness about available exemptions and changing property values.

Life is dynamic and so are your property taxes

You never know what the future holds. Changes in title, divorce, home improvements and many other things can trigger devestating reassessments if not handled correctly. We've got your back!

Our customers save over $1000/year on average

Our dedicated efforts typically save our customers over $1,000 per year on average, with many of our clients enjoying annual savings of up to $10,000 per year for the rest of their lives in Florida.

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Happy Homeowner Experiences

It pays to have an expert looking after your home's property tax situation

  • We moved my mom to an assisted living facility in Florida. She purchased the unit in 2019 and we had no idea that she needed to file Homestead on it! Now her taxes are $1800/year higher than they would have been had we taken just a few minutes to get the filing done. The folks at Property Tax Protection figured out the situation and walked us through the filing process and made it super easy. We will stay enrolled in Property Tax Protection from here on out!


    Frederick W. and Isabella M

    Orlando, FL

  • My ex-husband and I recently got divorced and sold our home in Tampa. He moved back to Canada and I am buying another home in St. Petersburg. A friend of mine told me about Property Tax Protection and after signing up they gave me some really amazing tips that I would have never known about. Thanks to them I was able to get double the amount of Portability that I would have otherwise gotten and my property tax bill is now going to be $4,200 a year lower! Property Tax Protection is an amazing service and I highly recommend it for any Florida homeowner.


    Hannah D.

    Tampa, FL

  • Our home was damaged by the storms that hit NE Florida last fall. We were just getting ready to remodel and thank heavens a friend told us about Property Tax Protection™. We signed up and found out that by taking a few simple steps we could remodel our home and not have our property taxes go up at all! Without the advice that the experts at Property Tax Protection gave us we would have never known about these savings. For $10/month we are going to save thousands of dollars a year- the best investment we ever made!


    Kim M.

    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

  • We just put our home on the market and saw Property Tax Protection’s billboard in Jacksonville and signed up. Immediately we found out that there were some notes that our Realtor needed to add into MLS for our listing to protect our ability to get our Portability increased. We didn’t even know what Portability was. Thanks to Property Tax Protection™ we will probably be able to get another $100,000 in Portability which will save us about $1500 a year on our tax bill for the rest of our life in Florida! This is an amazing service!


    Erica and Joe S.

    Jacksonville, FL

  • I am a retired schoolteacher and just turned 65. I had not idea about the additional savings that I could get on my property taxes at my age and income. The initial property tax evaluation they conduct is very detailed and they caught that I had not filed for the Super Senior Exemption which I now have! They not only identified the issue but they walked me through the filing process and even called back to let me know that my filing was complete. This is a great service and I highly recommend it!


    Katrina R.

    Gainesville, FL

  • I am a financial advisor. This company found property tax savings of over $3,780.00 per year, EVERY YEAR for life, for a client. In Florida you can accumulate portability and transfer them to your next homestead property.


    Chelsea K.

    Destin, FL

  • I wish I would have known about this when I bought my last house!! It is incredible that you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime by doing this. Property tax evaluations should be mandatory for the buyer and seller at every closing! Millions of people have no idea that they are overpaying for their real estate taxes!


    Melissa D.

    Daytona Beach, FL

  • Kevin made solving my homestead challenges a breeze! I had originally tried to do everything myself but the homestead laws can be quite confusing, especially when it comes to portability. He was able to answer all my questions right away and then proactively help me get everything squared away.


    Jose P.

    Tampa, FL

  • Property Tax Protection™ is amazing. It found out that I had forgotten to file for Portability. We filed one simple form with at the property appraiser's office and now my tax bill is $5,800 a year lower. I recommend it to all my friends.


    Edward K.

    Jacksonville Beach, FL

  • Having been in the industry for over 30 years as a real estate professional and continually evaluating how to help my customers, I have found this service to be incredibly valuable to the public and my clients. It’s beyond reasonable for the cost vs benefits. The benefits far outweigh the costs and the reward goes on for life.


    Bill H.

    Jacksonville, FL

  • This information is not widely known. Property Tax Protection™ is and unbelievably helpful resource to help homeowners save on items like taxation, etc. Blake and his team have been extremely helpful and professional. Many thanks to Property Tax Protection™ team!


    Todd B.

    Orlando, FL